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It has come to our attention that, in connection with the termination of the NN Retirees Benefit Trust, certain retirees were inadvertently sent checks, dated December 20, 2017, made payable to someone else. If you received a check made payable to someone other than yourself (or your deceased spouse), please be advised that the check is not valid and cannot be cashed – please discard the check. Correct checks will be issued and mailed by December 31, 2017.

The NN Retirees Benefit Trust HRA Plan has been terminated; claims submitted in good form by August 31st were processed by WageWorks. The NN Retirees Benefit Trust (the "VEBA") has also been terminated and the remaining assets of the VEBA trust (after accounting for administrative expenses and taxes) have been distributed by check to eligible retirees.

The best way to contact the NN Retirees Benefit Trust administration office is:

1.) Via the Questions Tab on this Web Site

2.) By US mail at:

NN Retirees Benefit Trust
P. O. Box 292877
Nashville, TN 37229

3.) By E-Mail: Patrick.Rykwalder@nnrbt.org